Medical Courier in Atlanta GA

medical courier Atlanta

At Apple Courier & Logistics, we recognize the delicate nature of medical materials. We offer an unparalleled medical courier in Atlanta and life sciences logistics service to provide you with the highest quality delivery in the area.

We are there when you need us 24/7, whether your shipment is on a scheduled route, will-call, or stat basis. Trust us to give you secure, efficient, and quick transport of:

  •  Healthcare supplies
  •  Specimens
  •  Biologicals
  •  Blood
  •  Pharmaceuticals

Why Choose Us As Your Medical Courier in Atlanta GA?

Our team of on-demand dispatchers will assign a dedicated courier as soon as we receive your order. Our couriers are highly trained, bonded, insured, and supplied with the necessary equipment such as coolers, dry ice, and blood/fluid spill kits when required. We are compliant with all state and federal regulations in the safe transport of biohazards, as well as all OSHA, HIPAA, DOT, and TSA standards of safety. 

For patients who are bound at home by their age or health condition, home deliveries are available. These deliveries are done with our assurance of strict confidentiality with regard to the nature of the shipment and the identity of the patient. Our medical couriers know that they are delivering critical and life-saving medication and equipment, so each delivery is carried out with professionalism and courtesy.

Using proprietary software, we take into consideration office closures, overnight shipping options, and traffic situations to evaluate and determine the most systematic and fastest routes for all pick-ups and deliveries. We also use GPS tracking devices so we can manage and monitor the integrity of your items and provide you with real-time updates on their progress from the pick-up through their final destination. 

When you need a medical courier in Atlanta, GA, Apple Courier & Logistics is a dependable and cost-effective solution to your transport needs. We understand that our job is not just moving boxes. Our focus is to provide quick, trustworthy, and efficient medical courier services that can make a difference between life and death.

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