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Many companies are realizing significant cost savings by outsourcing their delivery drivers which allows them to pay for only the services that are needed. For instance, you only need a driver for 25 hours this week, but 45 hours next week, no problem. This flexibility has become very valuable to our clients as all of our drivers are professional and reliable. Customers are also finding it beneficial to let Apple take care of their transportation delivery needs while customers can focus on their core business.

Courier Driver Services in Atlanta GAHave you estimated the total cost of your employee driver?

  • Employee Salary, Straight Time, and Overtime
  • Surging Employee Benefits, Health, and Dental Costs
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Employee Federal/State Taxes
  • FUTA and SUTA
  • Worker’s Compensation and Employee Insurance
  • Employee Backup, Reliability, Vacation, and Sick Coverage
  • Employee Replacement/Retention
  • HR Related Hiring and Training Expenses
  • Direct Management Expense
  • Vehicle Finance Expense and Depreciation
  • Vehicle Maintenance, Fuel, Insurance, and Licensing
  • Backup Vehicles for Uneven Demand for Peaks and Valleys of Your Business

Ask Apple how we can help you identify the cost justification of outsourcing our courier driver services in Atlanta versus employing your own drivers today!

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